Doll Life


Fifidoll is a livingdoll and doll artist in London, Uk. A livingdoll is someone who through makeup artistry and styling conveys the look of a doll to blur the lines between the fake and the real. Her livingdoll expression is a continuation from her artwork which uses dolls as the canvas and subject of her pieces. In

 this humanoid life-view she explores the spirituality and immortality of considering her body as separate from her soul, in the way that a doll is empty but her soul has filled it. The idea of soul encased in body-shaped shell , and soul expressed through decoration of that outward shell fuels her desire to be placed in ‘uncanny valley’ which a term used for when a computer-generated figure or humanoid robot bearing a near-identical resemblance to a human being arouses a sense of unease in the person viewing it.
To look so unreal it is unnerving.

Her livingdoll style is also influenced by Japanese fashion styles such as Larme, Himekaji, Lolita, and of course Dollykei. All of these styles are feminine and delicate that to her evoke the dreamlike state that sits between realities. Although her style has changed a lot throughout the years, it has always been expressive and creative. Her style progressed from ideas and aspects in her life that changed and motivated her, on this progression she writes:

“At first I wanted to express myself in a way that was alien, strange, sickly, and jarring – repulsive to you, beautiful to me. To create a barrier around myself, a bubble from the world, and I filled the bubble with only the things that make me happy because outside the bubble was doing the opposite. I did these things subconsciously until the bubble was full. Now the bubble is a hardened shell, I see it expressed as a protective casing, an outward humanoid shaped vessel to protect my inner being from the foul delusions people may have for me and my life. This human-shaped vessel is a doll.”