Doll on Canvas

Fifidoll seeks to blur lines between perceived realities through her journey into uncanny valley. Her obsession with personifying the inanimate and separating body and soul to the point that she now likes to resemble a possessed doll, has led to introspective works with dolls as the medium.
This started while creating the Autumn/Winter 2017 collection for her now terminated unisex fashion label CANDYATOM. The collection explored given identities and outward expression through decoration with a series of artworks that were based on Yokai (a type of Japanese spirit). Fifidoll related Yokai, who are often known to possess inanimate objects, with how children personify their toys and in her eyes embed them with souls and thus creating their own yokai.

Fifidoll felt that by thinking of herself in a similar way, as a soul possessing a body and creating space between mind and body, she could then create space between the outward oppression in her life and give her all into the creative decoration of her outward shell. 
Fifidoll’s works now continue to cover themes of identity, inspired by Japanese folklore and pop culture.

Her goal is to re-imagine an ancient Japanese scroll depicting Yokai that has been re-created over the centuries; the Hyakki Yagyō (百鬼夜行, “Night Parade of One Hundred Demons) through 100 dolls on wood block canvas.

Finished pieces are below, current work can be found on her social channels.